By-Laws Committee

Rules of Church Order

It is the function of the By-laws committee to review the constitution and by-laws annually and make recommendations for a revision(s) to the Church. 


Let all things be done decently and in order.  

(1 Cor. 14:40)

Let all things be done with charity.  

(1 Cor. 16:14)

Let all things be done to edify.  

(1 Cor. 14:26)

Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.  

(Col. 3:17)

Chairperson:  Sis. Vivian Teamer

Assistant Chairperson:  Min. Rudolph Sims

Culinary Committee

Food Ministry

The Culinary Arts Committee is responsible for managing, supervising and operating the kitchen and dining area. All food and meals provided at GMBC functions must be prepared or preapproved by the Culinary Arts Committee.

Chairperson:  Sis. Dianne Smith

Assistant Chairperson:  Sis. Marvis Huntley

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Program Committee

Church Calendar and Programs

The Program Committee is responsible for coordinating programs for the church and pastor, and to assist the church secretary in creating a calendar that lists all of the regular and special services for the next fiscal year by the Annual Church Meeting in October. It is also the program committee and secretary's responsibility to ensure the congregation is informed of any change that may arise after the calendar is published and distributed.

Chairperson: Sis. Barbara Hardy

Assistant Chairperson: Sis. Isabella Murphy

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The Charles A. Walker Vision Scholarship Committee

Monetary Assistance for College Students

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for raising and administering scholarship funds for qualified applicants attending college in the Fall. A special seed offering is collected once a month from the congregation for the Education Ministry.

Chairman:  Dea. Lee Gist

Assistant Chairman:  Bro. Rodney Goode

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